When words are not enough

When words are not enough

A dance documentary about five people's life-changing events. They have one thing in common - every body carries a story.

Five people in movement. Five people telling their stories. Mepa has survived a severe fire accident, Luis who testified a close friend getting seriously ill, Sahar who went through a deep depression, Carl who are thinking how to keep the meaningness and Marlene who was burned out. With their different ages, life experiences and backgrounds, they all gone through something that has changed them and their lives.

In this documantary portrayal of memories, the movement takes over when words are not enough. The person, the word and the movement puts the memory in focus and reminds us how different and how equal we are to each other. They have one thing in common - each body carries a life changing story.

Status: Postproduction

Producer: ElinMaria Sydänvirta

Director: Emelie Boman

Choreography: ElinMaria Sydönvirta, Gabriel Sydänvirta

Photo: Rasmus West

Produced by Moving Heart and YOUdance in samproduktion with Film i Västerbotten and support from Dans i Västerbotten and Norrlandsoperan. 


Community dance is a method of providing non-dancers and the opportunity to express themselves with dance. The work is led by a dance artist. The dance artist is based on a place and the inhabitants living there, and highlights the inhabitants' stories.

When words are not enough came out from the project När Vi Dansar (When we dance) under the artistic direction of the dancer and project managers ElinMaria Sydänvirta and Gabriel Sydänvirta and in close collaboration with dancer and filmer Emelie Boman. Participants from different backgrounds, nationalities and ages took part of several workshops in an artistic exploration of memories and storytelling. 

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