Dance Documantary - Imprint


Dance Documentary Film

A dance-documentary depiction of five people's life-changing events. Mepa, who has survived a serious fire accident, Luis who witnessed a close friend become seriously ill, Sahar who has gone through a deep depression, Carl who is thinking about how to hold on tojoy and Marlene who got burned out. With a careful and sincere exploration of memories, the movement picks up where words are not enough. They have one thing in common - each body carries a life-changing story.

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Original title: Avtryck   

English title: Imprint   

Director: Emelie Boman 

Producer: ElinMaria Sydänvirta   

Choreographers: ElinMaria Syädnvirta, Gabriel Sydänvirta

Year: 2022

Run time: 15 min

Country: Sweden, finland

Dialogue: Swedish Subtitles: English

Screening Tour

- Multiplié Dans Film Festival,Trondheim, Norway, 16.1 2022

- Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway 17- 23.1 2022


Director Emelie Boman

Choreographers ElinMaria Sydänvirta, Gabriel Sydänvirta

Producer ElinMaria Sydänvirta

Photographer Rasmus West

Sound technician Johannes Oscarsson

Light technician Fredrik Mickelsson

Participating Carl Berg, Luis Donaldson, Marlene Bergqvist, Mepa Rudqvist, Sahar Svedberg

F.A.D Ida Boman

Production Assistant Minna Lindahl

Editing Emelie Boman

Sound designer Andreas Hammarström

Script Emelie Boman, ElinMaria Sydänvirta, Gabriel Sydänvirta

Subtitles ElinMaria Sydänvirta, Laurel Wakeman

Music Nyckelharpa with Sunniva Abelli

Songs Gidge - Eyes Open, Elegy part I, You Written and produced by Ludvig Stolterman & Jonatan Nilsson.Published by Atomnation Music Publishing. Licensed from Atomnation 

Executive Producer Lill Cassling, Film i Västerbotten

Production Company Moving Heart in co-producation with YOUdance and Film i Västerbotten

With support from Dans I Västerbotten, Norrlandsoperan and in cooperation with Vän i Umeå and Balettakademien Umeå.

Thanks to

all contributors
Vän i Umeå, Balettakademien Umeå, Kulturhuset klossen