Contact Voyage

Photo: Jussi Vierima

Contact Voyage - Dancing Archipelago

Experience Archipelago through dance in the heart of Åland

and Turku Archipelago, Finland.

Contact Voyage is a project by Gabriel and ElinMaria Sydänvirta. When sailing with our sailing boat Ilo we share dance in the Finnish archipelago, Europe's largest archipelago and one of the world's most extensive archipelago areas. Dance provides new perspectives on places where dance is usually not experienced; in a village, a guest harbor or on a cliff by the sea. The sea connects between islands and people in the archipelago. With dance as a language we create a moment to meet with each other.

TOUR 2018 Lappo - Sottunga - Kökar - Jurmo - Nötö

ElinMaria & Gabriel Sydänvirta.

Music: Eeva-Maija Vehviläinen.

Supported by Samuel Huber art foundation, Ålands Kulturdelegation and city of Parainen.

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A red carpet and two dancers. The red carpet is rolled out and who puts his foot there twist and turns on what is expected ways to move. The poetry of movement is varying from shaking the hands to the art of being upside down.


Welcome to dance Tove Jansson’s magical world into life! For children from two years old and up.

"The Red Carpet is a very beautiful dance show, where the dancers communicate beautifully and finely tuned with each other – in addition, in full silence, but very clearly. They are also playful and have lots of warm and good humor in their communication both with each other and with the audience. Lovely kisses and handshakes! A real feel-good experience!" / Greta Long-Tennberg, Helsinki

"A nice flow and acrobatics. Being impressed by the man who can let go and just let the imagination control. Oneself is dependent on structure and rules." / Anna-Greta, Mariehamn.

(freely translate from swedish)

Photos from tour 2018.

© Jussi Vierma and Moving Heart