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Let nature awaken your senses and deepen your relationship with your own being and the world around you. In nature we can come back to the core of our being and connect to what is beyond everyday life. It's a zero-zone, a place to arrive into the present moment and to connect to our sensory perspectives of life.

Nature can hold a space for us just to be and to feel alive.

Nature can be perceived as a source of inspiration, dance and recreation.


takes you to places where nature is dominating our sensorial participation; in the naturally grown forests with old trees and swamps, on islands without cars and full of weather and wind or on the snowy mountaintop. Most of our courses and events happens in the abundant areas where sounds of civilization are limited or none; in the north or countryside of Finland and Sweden or in the national park of Finnish Archipelago. This part of the world are measured to have one of the cleanest nature and air to breath on earth. The archipelago's cultural landscape and habitats belong to one of the most diverse in Finland and are listed as one of UNESCO's biosphere reserves.Here you can simply rest in your movement exploration, share a meal around the camp fire or sit in silence under the stars. We hope to nourish your connection to the nature, yourself and receive a sense of being alive and inspired.

DANCE IN NATURE is based on movement exploration, contact improvisation and somatic movement. The Latin word soma means "the living body." Somatic Movement is a field within bodywork and movement studies aimed at experiencing and feeling movement from within the body. As we recognize ourselves with our breathing bodies, the perceived world itself begins to shift and transform. From this place of sensing and being we can receive an poetic access to whatever is there. Basically, when we touch the skin of the tree, at the same time, we can feel ourselves touched by the tree.

THE LIVING BODY Our understanding of life rises up from our living bodies. We can experience things – we can touch, hear and taste things - only because we ourselves are part of the sensible world we perceive! The breathing sensing body is nourished from the environment surrounding us. Indeed, we are not separable from nature though our civilization with it's technologies sometimes make us feel disconnected. Moving Heart wish to create an experience without countless human artifacts such as asphalt roads and streetlights, virtual realities from phones, computers and television-screens. With dance in nature you can experience a stronger sense of community in a technologically advanced world. Here you can nourish your bodily sensations and a space beyond words.

STUDIES show that dance and nature has a healing ability in reducing stress and to increase well-being. After only five minutes walk in the forest, the pulse goes down and the blood pressure and the stress hormones in the blood decreases. Brain growth is dependent on being stimulated by what is in nature; to hear the song of birds, to feel the wind and to see all the natural shapes and colours. Spending time in nature with dance can create new perspectives and a greater access to ourselves.


Let yourself be moved by the wind, the raindrops after a thunderstorm, the silence of the dark night full of stars, the whispering old forest and the symphony of the birds. Welcome to join us and explore nature in you and be touched by nature around you.




Nötö island, Finnish Archipelago National Park. Meet nature in one of the biggest islands of the outer Archipelago, unique with it's imprint of old houses and farmland, meadows and old forests. The retreat offers a meditative space for you to feel and be alive with what is there, gently allowing nature inside and outside to expand. Our studio is around the island as well on the wooden floor in Nötö village's old school.

ARCHIPELAGO DANCE/SAARISTOTANSSIT Konungsskär island, Archipelago National Park. Live in the nature on the uninhabited island and melt with the landscape of the waves and the rich variety of cliffs, stones and old trees. Contact improvisation, improvisation and somatic practices support us to grow our own curiosity in dance and poetic access to the nature. The island is without electricity and the only sounds we can hear are the waves, the wind and song of seabirds.

FOREST DANCE/METSÄTANSSIT  Seitseminen Nature Park, near Tampere. Explore dance, contact improvisation and somatics in the old forest colored by autumn. Spend time together around fires and candlelights and have sauna in the old farm house inside of the nature park.

OTHER LOCATIONS Most of our trainings are located in wooden-heated studios with beautiful nature surroundings and part of the program happens outdoors.

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PHOTOS: All the photos from Moving Heart events in nature.


"The Archipelago Dance was a moving and heartfull event that really got me connected to nature, myself and to others. The important elements: The trust in natures capacity to speak to us, to be present and open for the unknown, the wonderful gift of playfulness, the frames that made it all possible...the warm and allowing atmosphere. The depth of my trust in myself and my ability to accept myself and let me be truly alive grew during this time together, and afterward. I am very happy I got the opportunity to be a part of this – my most heartfelt thanks to you! I am looking forward to move with you again and be moved. <3" -Monica Björk

"Thank you for the course Metsätanssit! You are very professional, gentle and considerate in guiding and inspiring other people. Everything in the course was well organized in every detail. You created a safe atmosphere and helped in getting contact with myself, others and the nature." -Silja Mäki

"Meditative poetry in motion. With the invitation from Moving Heart, a gate opens to feel community and love, a space where everyone grows through impressions and expressions. Unconditional guidence in nature together with ElinMaria and Gabriel, in movement, silence and dance. More love and harmony." - Albin Sterner

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