Home in my Body

Education with ElinMaria Sydänvirta

~ Nourish your heart and being with embodied self care ~

Welcome spending time with your heart and body. With gentle guidance we'll explore compassionate, mindful and somatic resources for:
- Being at home with yourself, no matter what.
- Resilience and strength from compassion and an embodied approach to life.

Explore compassionate, mindful and somatic resourches for being with yourself and the earthly matters. Integrate practices of conscious awareness and movement, compassion and the ability to be with life as it is, moment by moment. This is an invitation to explore an embodied and mindful approach for being and belonging to yourself and this world.

We practice how to root our awareness into our body and nourish our heart with practices of self-compassion and care. From an embodied experience we will let us be moved by the inherited wisdom in our body and heart.

With a tender and careful space we'll explore meditative and conscious movement as well as a gentle approach to meditation.

The workshop's are build on;

SOMATIC SELF COMPASSION® is a radical way to recognize suffering as part of being human and an understanding that being our ally rather than enemy brings us to more constructive and sustainable ways of dealing with life. We practice how to be our friend, also when we need it the most.

When we tend to our bodies we can experience empowerment and reclaim some of our

birth-right; to be loved and supported. To recognize our whole being, as well our heart and body, is essential for our ability to acknowledge our needs. Compassion is the key to respond with care to any stress.

MINDFULNESS is to be aware of what is going on inside the moment and to cultivate the ability to observe without judging. When we practice mindfulnes we cultivate an ability to be with what is and step out of our automatic reactions and invite more compassionate responses.

EMBODIMENT is an approach to integrate our whole being; our mind and body in relation to the earthly matters. We will engage in practices that settle us deeper in relationship with gravity, our hearts, center and breath. While coming at home in our bodies and it's relation to the Earth our perception changes and we get a wider access to what we are.

INTERCONNECTEDNESS with the Earth and our own Soma gives us support, empowerment and resilience. When we recognize that we literally are a part of the Earth we cultivate a deeper sense of belonging, not only to ourselves but to this world. 

COMMUNITY Crucial part of the course is to connect with other people, as well in online-gatherings. To be included in a community help us as social beings to develop our sense of being at home. The course intend to create space for anyone to be where they are; more introvert or extravert; with the invitation to share space, practices, silence equaly important

as words.


HELD BY THE EARTH - Gateway to your body, gravity and earth; Seed.

HEARTBEATS - Compassion, dance your heart; Nourish.

CENTERED AND CONNECTED - Empowerment, integration and intention; Blossom.

INTIMATE BREATH- Affectionate breathing, cellular breathing; Harvest and arrive back home.

CONTENT Guided practices with Somatic Movement* exploration, (such as Developmental Movement Patterns, Body Mind Centering) Mindfulness, Somatic Self-compassion®, Restorative and releasing practices, Self-regulation, Writing & drawing, Dance improvisation and posibility to share with others.

Home in my Body is developed and created by ElinMaria Sydänvirta with the intention to integrate resourches for every day life matters and to integrate and support a space for healing and transformative change. You can join both in the 4 weeks online education, shorter classes and as a weekend workshop. Online classes have a focus on integrating tools for everyday life. Weekend workshop has the focus on the deeper process and group dynamics.


When I facilitate, I set up exercises and group processes with room for choice. I encourage and support participants to listen in, take a break andbe with their boundaries.

I integrate compassion in my teaching as a recurring approach to ourselves and each other, both through attitudes and specific exercises. With compassion we can build a ground for inner support inour learning-processes and a sense of belonging - with the possibility for our nervous system to create safety in opposition to those surviving mechanisms our bodies use when we're having huge stressors (such as trauma).

When we practice methods where we get more in touch with ourselves, our bodies and each other, I deliberately prevent participants from becoming overwhelmed. In my facilitation, I intend to honor breaks, work slowly, with space to step out of an exercise, to frontload with grounding resources and root us in this present moment so that it can be as safe exploration as possible.

These courses are not group therapy, but education to support skills for tending to yourself on your day-to-day basis. If you need deep work to heal your past, the invitation is that you reach out for a therapist, teacher, healer, or shaman who specializes in trauma integration work, to help you on your journey.

ELINMARIA SYDÄNVIRTA I'm a certified Mindfulness Facilitator through Mindfulness Center (MfC) Sweden and as well educated among other at ISLO Dance & Somatics (2009/10) and

Somatic Self-Compassion® (SSC, SSCTLC). I have more than 20 years experience with integrating traditional mindfulness practices with embodied tools such as yoga, dance and somatic movement practices. I'm happy to share my everyday practices.

VOICES from previous Home in My Body and embodied Self Care courses

"I loved your metaphors and compassionate language and attention while guiding. It really helped me remember to stay self-compassionate and not judge myself or try harder.

I think I cried every time at some point! " /Aino H

"..But most of all I have noticed a shift in me, I am more calm and understanding toward myself. In these times when I am all by myself and restless feelings come up (mostly also thoughts of beeing not enough, doing wrongly and so on) I seem to connect on a deeper level with me and these strong thoughts and old beliefs calms down. So grateful for these experience together with you all and so grateful for experiencing my connection to the nature and animals even stronger than before.  Thank you so much for your silence, your words and inviting to listening to my body. " /Sylvia Backström

"I am still really thankful for our weekend, I really liked the pace we were having and you showing trust in the time and pace so I didn't need to become unpatient about it. I am very thankful for the guidance of ElinMaria during this workshop - remembering me of my own supporting qualities of breath and heartbeat, finding the strength for clarity." /Frauke Beiersdorf

"Thank you for giving some facts around cellular breathing and explaining it so good. It have stayed with me for several days......this way of breathing and being. Its hard to find the right words to explain but there is something expanding." /anonymous

".. I will have good use of many of the exercises! and i also bring with me the heart-full values & approach to this work that you convey. For me this course have done almost like an inner revolution, I think it was perfect timing. I feel super grateful. and I hope thanks to that we did this in our own homes that I can continue doing it ...Keep coming home over and over again. its a high exactly love explosion to be at home with my body" /anonymous

"This course was an important reminder of how important it is to be aware of how you treat yourself. It was also the first time that I felt that I finally understand why allowing the pain is also being part of being kind to oneself and others. ..I feel very excited about life at the moment, knowing that whatever comes I can stay with myself, allow the feelings and show some kindness to myself."

"This workshop has been a very needed experience of co-regulation of the nervous system. ..It was a safe environment to practice being embodied with one self. ..Funny and exciting to take this on to bigger things and into my life and see what happens when trying to navigate from a more embodied and empowered space."

"Now I feel I have more tools and practices to be present in this world. .. I fond more love towards myself and forgiveness. ..I would encourage everyone to join for the next course if you have a longing to be a friend towards yourself."

I want to be with myself

as it is right now

I want to be with myself

as life is

forever changing; with all the beauty and the pain

complete and uncomplete at the same time

I want to be with my body

as it is right now

I want to be with my body

as bodies are

forever changing; growing, aging and alive

one day we will die

I want to embrace

it all

with care and sincerity

curious on experience

what it is to exist

I want to be with my heart

just as it is;

feel with life and with others

in my longing for belonging;

to love and be loved

My heart embraces

it all

as it is

the love we all hold



(translated from Swedish)