~ Aguahara ~
Gabriel & ElinMaria

Water's healing power accompanied with loving presence.

AGUAHARA is healing bodywork and dance in water. The water's therapeutic properties allow us to soften ourselves and our bodies and open up for contemplation and meditative presence with ourselves and each other. When deep relaxation occurs, the body's own self-healing ability can take place and we release deeper tensions in body and soul. Weightless in water we can experience a space of expansion and peace.

Photo: Luna Valgaard

AGUAHARA SESSION You are held by another, gently moved with the flow of water working on your tissues and nervous system. Aguahara give benefits on relaxing and release of muscular tension and pain, increase joint mobility, quieting the sympathetic and enhacing the parasympathetic nervous systems, healing of stressdisorders and deepening our self-awareness and emotional integration. Accompanied by another you are held in a moment for you to just be, a space in practice of loving kindness.

AGUAHARA ROOTS are in Janzu, Watsu and Water Dance as well as in the Zen-philosophy and Thai-massage. Aguahara is a continous exploration of the healing world of waters, growing not only as a bodywork technique but also as a philosophy and a community. Aguahara is founded by Alexander Siebenstern in Mexico.

AGUAHARA TRAININGS are a deep journey with yourself and your relationship with the water. You will learn the techniques for holding and moving another in water and how to give a session. Aguahara is a practice of presence and the ability to read, listen and accompany another person's journey. Each moment is unique and each session is based on an intuitive ability to flow with what is. You will develop your loving kindness, meditative presence and an openess for what unfolds. Aguahara trainings are based on three levels of courses, all together 110 hours, with 90 hours in water including theory and practice on land.


We all come from the sea, literary and metaphorically. Human consist of about 80% water. The sea is a hub of trillions years of development into the world we know today. To practise Aguahara can give a space of wonder, connection and contemplation.

We wish to hold a space for you to be nourished by your own connection to healing work with water.

Gabriel and ElinMaria; we live in close relationship to water on a small island in the outer Archipelago of Finland. As well we have spend many months per year living next to Andaman Sea with our daily practise exploring water together. Our work are strongly influenced by experienced relation to the natural waters; both within the fluid body and with natural waters. Moving Heart's trainings are based on Somatic Movement for deeper awareness and embodied presence. We explore anatomical perspectives from an somatic understanding of the body and how it moves in water. Our work is characterized by the personal connection to water as a whole; both within a human being and in the world's natural waters. We have developed sessions for cold water treatments combined with sauna-ceremonies. In our trainings you will share a sense of community, built on a supportive group with lots of space for your own indivual journey.With us you can study Aguahara both in the natural water and pool.

We intend to give to your work with water:

- Intuitive flow of dance.

- Ability to be present, read, listen and accompany another person's journey.

- Authenticity and awareness in your own being and bodily movement.

- Deeper experience of your fluid body and our dependency and connection to the natural waters.

- Concsious breathing.

- Conscious touch and unconditional holding.

Gabriel and ElinMaria have organized trainings in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Thailand. Gabriel is a qualified Aguahara-teacher (all levels) and teach regurarly since 2014. He started to float people in the hot springs in Brasil and Ecuador in 2012. We have both studied with the founder, Alexander Siebenstern.

Video with us in practise of Aguahara

"Aguahara is a space for aquatic investigation and exploration. Aguahara is a community to come together, to share, to learn and teach." -Alexander Siebenstern,

In Finland Aguahara is a growing community, today with more than 40 people educated by Moving Heart. We offer suplementary education for those who wish to repeat or dive deaper into waterwork as well annual meetings for exchange and further education. One of our trainings happen in the national park of Finnish Archipelago where we explore Aguahara in the Sea of Archipelago. 

We live on a very blue planet; without water we cannot exist.

How we relate to water is crucial for future generations.

May our work with water support us to heal not only as individuals but for the benefit of the whole.

Aguahara can increase our heart awareness,  compassion and give an experience of our co-existence.

~ Gabriel and ElinMaria ~


All pictures from Moving Heart's trainings With Aguahara

Voices from Moving Heart's  Aguahara- trainings

and dance with water

"I found Aguahara by coincidence through Facebook. An add about a three week training in Thailand somehow catch my eye. I didn’t have any previous knowledge about work in water or other Moving Heart’s courses.

So I took a chance and went to Thailand to find out that I found a new home for myself in water and in the playful, ever so allowing and accepting family-like community that Moving Heart creates through cherishing everyone’s individuality within the connectedness of a group. This feeling of belonging comes from the security of holding a space for one another that underlines that you are good enough just the way you are at any given moment. Not to sound too cliché - but to get to know to the community and the work that Moving Heart does really have changed my life for good and for the better. "  /Elisa Kuusisto

"The movement explorations were Super important for me to tune in to the curious and improvisatory state of mind in aquatic work and learning process. In my opinion I was provided with a nice balance of thecnique and encouragement to be explorative and find my own style.. ..Personally I enjoyed a lot the anatomical approach and touch work in finding my neck and hara area. Having spent so much time in the past years with anatomy and the emphasis of anatomical knowledge when treating people I was Super happy that it was part of the education in an explorative way... ..My experience is that you took AMAZINGLY good care of the group process and really were feeling where the group is at any moment and what it needs to bloom.. ...I'm impressed by both of you and the way you work together. Aguahara is total magic and is good that it is the knowledge of it is transferred by people who respect what they are teaching and the way that it is taught. By heart magic people :)"  /Sara La Mela

"Learning about Aguahara and being guided by gentleness, humor and supportive presence of Gabriel and ElinMaria made the aquatic journey a very enjoyable and inspiring experience. Detailed learning of various techniques and invitation for improvised movement make a great combination for aquatic bodywork. Group support and co-learning with very amazing heartfelt participants along with Gabriel and ElinMaria have created magical moments of trust and community. Finding gratitude and connection with ourselves, with the water and with each other has given me such a gift <3 -Antton Niemelä

“These are two amazing teachers of land and water movement! Thank you for teaching us in the Koh Chang festival! I so much appreciated your gentle and sensitive approach. I keep so many guidelines , you truly shifted my perception for movement in the water. I can now dance so much more freely and effortlessly, and experience every moment as pure pleasure Thank you from the heart, what you offer is a gift.” /Ageliki Papadopoulou

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