Moving Heart

With ElinMaria and Gabriel. We love to bring people together and create a playful atmosphere

with heart, dance and art.


The art of living can be colored by dance and it's forever changing rhythms. Integrating dance as a part of daily life gives sensations of being alive and awake, even if it’s just the tiniest little dance observing our own breaths rise and fall. We are curious to be present in the moment, touched by whatever is there.


Sharing the language of movement can give meaning and connection, to ourselves, life, nature and each other. We love to bring the poetry of dance where it’s not usually experienced or performed. Dance can be a shared language no matter of background, ability, age or identity. Dance activates our happy hormones and the health increases for our whole being.


ElinMaria has last ten years brought Community Dance and Dance Improvisation in different projects and locations; for teenagers, children, mixed abilities, teachers in the school, staff in the old people’s home, in the refugee centers, in the eldery care as well as in the dancing schools. She has developed methods to educate pre-school teachers with dance as a tool for gender equality and norm critical pedagogy. She's a dedicated yoga-practitioner since her teenage!


Gabriel has worked since 2004 as a Community and Dance Artist in local communities especially with children and teenagers in 70 different countries. He has combined several art forms and used dance and movement as a tool to connect with people and as a gateway to learn from each others and to do cross-cultural exchange. Since 2012 he has taught Contact Improvisation, Aquatic dance and Aguahara in Europe and Asia. He’s as well a poet and healer.


We live simple in the nature and one of our homes is a sailing-boat. We have a great passion towards experience nature with dance.


Lets dance and flow! We share our joy towards Community Dance, Contact Improvisation,

Aguahara – Aquatic dance and Bodywork and Dance Journeys in the nature. We hope to give you an atmosphere with loving kindness, playfulness and to support an allowing space for your own curiosity.



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